Red Beau Casanova


RETIRED                                                                          Prince Artimond de Renegade

LanceLance2Sir Lancelot Red of Buckingham




Dutch Chocolate Don Juan




Bright Star Sirius

Studs Owned by Friend
cajunCentennial’s Cool Cajun

AKC  chocolate Labrador Retriever (owned by Ann Backstrom)


Chances are Gold

AKC Golden Retriever (owned by Ann Backstrom)

7 responses »

  1. Jessica says:

    Where are pics of the male labs???

    • terryfarm says:

      I am currently breeding our Labs with a friends AKC Labrador Retriever stud. He has had his hips, elbows and eyes tested. I will post his picture on my web site soon. We are presently looking for our own stud.

  2. Cindy Stevens says:

    Terry, do you do stud service? I have a female Bernese Mt Dog. She is 9 months. Am going to skip first heat. But would love to breed her to your Red Beau Cassie, during her 2nd heat.
    Stud fees? or would you like a little Bernedoodle female?

    • terryfarm says:

      Wow, how great to have Bernoodles! My daughter has an AKC Bernese Mt Dog. The hybrid will really improve their health and life expectancy.

      I charge $1000.00 for the stud service. You are welcome to come and meet our Cassie.


  3. Melissa says:

    looking for a picture of “Sirius” who sired the litter of Golden Retrievers you have currently available? We are interested in a male puppy – recently lost our beloved Golden

  4. Joan Herrera says:

    I am looking for a quality stud standard poodle for my Goldendoodle female ,.Just thought I would inquire if you offer your male poodles for stud service? My NEVAEH is a exquisite female English Goldendoodle.. from Eurogolden doodles .Her dad is Amos fro Rechere Golden’s in North Carolina..Plz advise if you are able to offer a stud?
    Thank You..

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