Rocky 4 MonthsRocky 6 Months 2Hi Sharol,

Here is a picture of Rocky at 4 months old and another picture of him now
at 6 months old!  Rocky was “Mr. Personality” from Honey and Prince’s litter
last April.  Rocky is so sweet and funny.  He is by far the goofiest and most
clumsy dog we have ever owned, but that’s what makes him so lovable!  
At 4 months old he was 43 pounds and at 6 months he is now 62 pounds.  
He loves to travel with us, and can always put a smile on anyone’s face.  
He loves his play dates with other dogs and we know he would love to meet 
and play with any of his siblings.  If anyone is interested, please email  Thanks again for such a wonderful new
addition to our family!  We are looking forward to seeing just how big he gets
and if he will ever stop tripping over his huge feet!  We will email more
pictures as he grows and gets even bigger.
Thanks again,
Julie and Zach

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